Lush flora and preserved biodiversity

Situated on former farmland, our 4.5-hectare wooded park boasts a wide variety of Mediterranean plants that for many years have drawn their resources from the depths of the rich, damp soil.

These plants, trees and shrubs have the particularity of adapting to our hot, dry climate and require very little water.

Thanks to this luxuriant vegetation, an entire ecosystem has been preserved. Birds have found a natural refuge in our park, as have squirrels, insects and even a pair of mallard ducks that make their home with us every spring!


Protecting the environment

Concerned about preserving our planet, we do everything possible to protect our environment. Most of the cleaning products we use are eco-labelled, and our bathroom fittings have individual timed mixers.

As for watering, we favour drip irrigation and have replaced traditional planting areas with plants that do not require watering, such as cacti and succulents, and mulch areas that need to retain moisture, such as hedges and planted areas.

Help us protect this precious environment

To help us protect the environment, respect it and respect the work of our teams, we ask you to:

  • leave the toilets clean
  • not to waste toilet paper
  • to pay attention to water consumption
  • in mobile homes, we ask you to pay attention to water, electricity and gas consumption
  • dog owners are asked to keep their dogs on a lead and to pick up after them in the bags provided next to the rubbish bins
  • do not throw cigarette butts or any other waste on the ground
  • do not cut flowers, plants, etc.
  • Do not feed animals (it can make them sick)
  • Containers are available for your rubbish, with specific columns for glass and recyclable waste. Batteries, light bulbs and ink cartridges can be dropped off at reception.

Our “ZéroPhyto” commitment

For the upkeep of our park, we are committed to using no phytosanitary products for weeding, and no synthetic phytosanitary products for insecticides and fungicides.

We’ve created areas with low-maintenance, low-watering plants such as cacti and succulents. In general, we choose plants that are adapted to the Mediterranean climate.

Plant mulch is used on hedges and green spaces to keep moisture at the foot of plants, and also allows us to recycle green waste.

All these measures help to promote biodiversity and preserve an entire ecosystem.

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