Le haras campsite Hygiene and safety measures


Dear guests, summer holidays are finally here!!

After this difficult period, having a break has never felt so important.

Life carries on, with the desire of reconnecting with the simple things of life but we must still remain careful.

Our aim is to welcom you, on our 4ha park, in the same friendly atmophere that you already know or that you are willing to discover.

These are the mesures taken so that you can enjoy your stay in the best of conditions.

– We respect the health protocol common to the tourism industry that complies with the directives of the french authoroties concerning the anti covid 19 to guarantee your safety and well being (customers and the haras’ staff).

– Adapted welcomming , barrier gestures, natural distancing, wearing a mask will be demanded in every collective facilities (reception, sanitary blocks, and for every flow in the restaurant) and when the 1m distance can’t be respected.

– Our staff will be equiped with gloves, maskes and face shields.

– Disinfection of all the common areas of the campsite, of the accomodations befor every new arrival and of the sanitary blocks 3times per day with appropriate cleaning products insisting on the contact areas.

– Hydroalcoholic gel and soap will be provided in every common area.

We previlege oudoor activities

Information on these mesures will be given

  • The reception

Our reception office is equipped with plexiglass protection .
Our team has masks
Hydroalcoholic gel is provided.
The mask will be necessarily
Only 1 person will be authorized to enter
The check in will be done quickly
Every conctact zone will be disinfected regularly
We will inform everyone of the mesures taken at there arrival.
You can also download our application.


  • Bar and restaurant

 We respect the health protocol that complies to restaurants and bars
Hydroalcoholic gel is provided
You will be ask to wear a mask in the restaurant  you will be able to take it off when sitted.
Our team will be equiped with masks and /or face shields and gloves.
The contact areas will be disinfected regularly.
The tables are diposed to respect distancing.


  • The pool

The most important is the distancing.
The sunbeds will be placed to respect it and will be disinfected everyday.
The pools water will be tested regularly.
During the periods of high attendance we will limit the access to the pool. A turn over can be instored so that everyone can benefit of the pool and sunbeds in respect of the protocol instored.


  • Visitors

In order to control the flow of people entering and leaving the campsite, visitors are only allowed in the bar/restaurant area, of course with no obligation to consume.


  • Kids area

It will be disinfected every day. A sanitary block is near by so you are able to wash your hands regularly.
Parents will have to make sure that the distance between the children is respected, if necessary a mask can be worn.


  • The sanitary blocks

Wearing a mask is necessarily.
Distance will have to be respected.
Only one sink out of two can be used.
Our team works with gloves and masks.
The facilities will be disinfected 3 times per day.
We use special cleaning products for the covid 19
Hydroalcoholic gel and soap will be provided.

  • Mobilhome

They will be aerated and disinfected carefully with adapted cleaning products.
Our team wear gloves and masks.
This year blankets won’t be provided. Each guest is invited to come with it’s own bed linen and blankets.
If you desire you can also bring pillows.
To avoid long contact, we won’t do the inventary with you.
A form will be given to check the installations at your arrival.
When you leave, we will ask you to declare any breakdowns or damages.
The keys will also be disinfected.

  • Services and activities

This year we won’t be able to sell bread or patisseries, there is a five minute walk to the local bakery in the village.
The library will be closed.
The animations will be done outside respecting the rules of numbers and distancing.
The childrens animations will be done in little groups respecting the distancing and without sharing the equipment.
Only the aquagym is canceled because the pool is’nt big enough to respect the distance between the participants.
Massages and osteopathy will still be practiced by professionals who engage themselves to respect the sanitary protocol.


  • Beaches and tourism

The beaches are open, so are many touristic locations.



All these mesures could be changed in function of the evolution of this epidemic and of the governments advice.

Our aim is for you to enjoy your holidays peacefully.

See you soon
The Haras’ team